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Frequently asked questions

Is the Internet domain name relevant?

Absolutely. An Internet domain name is an important image element of a company or product. In the case of companies that care about building a professional image, trust and prestige among customers, registration of the right domain is even crucial. A good domain name should be easy to remember, relatively short, with the right extension, best associated with a company name or product. The most popular domain extensions are .pl and .com.

How much can an Internet domain name cost?

There is no definite answer to this question. The price of an Internet domain is influenced by many factors, age of the domain and its history, length, content of key phrases along with the extension. The most expensive domain names in Poland are amounts starting from several dozen to even several hundred thousand zlotys. Most often these are the so-called generic domains with the extension .pl, containing a single key name of a given product or service (e.g. opony .pl). The average prices of good Internet domains in Poland range from a few to tens of thousands of zlotys. The purchase of an Internet domain should be treated in terms of investment in the development of a company or product.

How can I buy an Internet domain?

Click "Buy". Then you will be redirected to the service, where you will be able to finalize the transaction. Usually, we also provide the ability to negotiate the price, the option to buy a domain in installments or lease a domain name for a certain period of time. If you need help completing a transaction, please contact us at

Is the transaction of buying an Internet domain safe?

Yes. All our transactions are handled through the service, which mediates and secures the transaction. The service is a leader in the sale of Internet domains in Poland, has mediated in tens of thousands of transactions and enjoys great trust among Internet users.

Will I receive an invoice for the purchase of the domain?

Yes. For the purchase of an Internet domain, you will receive a VAT invoice from the owner of the website. VAT will be added to the domain price, unless your company has a NIP-EU number. In addition, if you buy a domain for business purposes (for example, to place your company's website under it), you should be able to treat the domain purchase as a cost and deduct VAT if you are a VAT payer.

Can I transfer the purchased domain to another registrar?

Absolutely. You will buy an Internet domain through the largest domain exchange in Poland, where you will have to set up a user account in advance. In the domain management panel of your account, you will have a simple opportunity to transfer your Internet domain free of charge to another domain registrar, e.g. or